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This site presents links on free download or reading our books on Cellular Automata theory, General statistics theory, computer mathematics systems Maple and Mathematica written in Russian and English along with our software for Maple and Mathematica systems


Cellular Automata (Клеточные Автоматы)

1. В.З. Аладьев.– Классические однородные структуры: Клеточные автоматы: USA: Palo Alto: Fultus Books, 2009, 535 с., ISBN 159682137X (in Russian –

2. V.Z. Aladjev.– Classical Cellular Automata: Mathematical Theory and Applications: Germany: Saarbrucken: Scholar`s Press, 2014, 512 p., ISBN 97836390713459 (in English –

3. V. Aladjev, M. Shishakov, V. Vaganov.– Selected problems in the theory of classical cellular automata: USA: Lulu Press, 2018, 410 p., ISBN 9789949987627 (in English –

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4. В. Аладьев, В. Ваганов, М. Шишаков. Базовые элементы теории клеточных автоматов.– USA: Lulu Press, 2019, 418 c., ISBN 9780359735129 (in Russian – C нашим интервью на тему клеточных автоматов можно ознакомиться по ссылке (in Russian and English

General Statistics Theory (Общая Теория Статистики)

5. В. Аладьев, В. Харитонов.– Курс Общей Теории Статистики.– USA: Palo Alto: Fultus Books, 2006, 250 с., ISBN 1596820861 (in Russian –

Maple Computer Mathematics System

6. В. Аладьев, В. Бойко, Е. Ровба. Программирование и разработка приложений в Maple.– Беларусь: Гродно: ГрГу Press, 2007, 458 c., ISBN 9789854178912 (in Russian

7. В. Аладьев, В. Бойко, Е. Ровба. Программирование в пакетах Maple и Mathematica: Сравнительный аспект.– Беларусь: Гродно: ГрГу Press, 2011, 517 c., ISBN 9789855154816 (in Russian –

Mathematica Computer Mathematics System

8. В.З. Аладьев, Д.С. Гринь. Расширение функциональной среды системы Mathematica.– Украина: Херсон: Олди–Плюс, 2012, 552 с., ISBN 9789662393729 (in Russian –

9. В.З. Аладьев, В.А. Ваганов, Д.С. Гринь. Дополнительные функциональные средства для пакета Mathematica.– Украина: Херсон: Олди–Плюс, 2012, 404 c., ISBN 9789662393590 (in Russian –

10. В.З. Аладьев, В.А. Ваганов, Д.С. Гринь. Избранные системные задачи в программной среде Mathematica.– Украина: Херсон: Олди–Плюс, 2013, 556 с., ISBN 9789662890129 (in Russian –

11. V.Z. Aladjev, V.A. Vaganov. Extension of Mathematica system functionality.– Estonia:Tallinn: TRG Press, 2015, 563 p., ISBN 9789985950883 (in English

12. V.Z. Aladjev, V.K. Boiko, M.L. Shishakov. Art of programming in the Mathematica software.– USA: Raleigh, NC, Lulu Press, 2016, 740 p., ISBN 9781365593918 (in English –

13. V. Aladjev, M. Shishakov, V. Vaganov. Practical programming in Mathematica. Fifth edition.– USA: Raleigh, NC, Lulu Press, 2017, 613 p., ISBN 9781387356065 (in English –

14. V. Aladjev, V. Vaganov. Toolbox for the Mathematica programmers.– USA: CreateSpace Press, 2016, 630 p., ISBN 9781532748837 (in English –

15. V.Z. Aladjev, M.L. Shishakov. Software Etudes in the Mathematica.– USA: Raleigh, NC, Lulu Press, 2017, 614 p., (in English –

16. V. Aladjev, M. Shishakov, V. Vaganov. Functional and procedural programming in Mathematica.– USA: KDP Press, 2020, 352 p., ISBN 9798650293118 (in English

17. V.Z. Aladjev, M.L. Shishakov, V.A. Vaganov. Mathematica: Functional and procedural programming. Second edition.– USA: KDP Press, 2020, 396 p., ISBN 9798574872710 (in English –

18. V.Z. Aladjev. MathToolBox – Archive with more 1420 tools for Mathematica system (in English – Subsequently, many MathToolBox means have proven themselves to be quite effective additional tools for programming many problems in the Mathematica system of both a purely theoretical and applied nature.

19. V.Z. Aladjev. UserLib6789 – Archive with the user Library files for Maple of releases 6 – 12 on Windows platform; the UserLib6789 library contains more 850 tools (in English –    Subsequently, many UserLib6789 means have proven themselves to be quite effective additional tools for programming many problems in the Maple system of both a purely theoretical and applied nature.

20. V.Z. Aladjev. Cellular Automata, Mainframes, Maple, Mathematica and Computer Science in Tallinn Research Group.– USA: Kindle Press, 2022, 150 p., ISBN 9798447660208.

This book presents the expanded excursion into the creative activities of the Tallinn Research Group during 1970–2022 with a focus on researches and development in such main fields as mainframes, personal computers, general statistics theory, issues of parallel information processing and computing, computer mathematics systems (MathCAD, Maple, Mathematica), programming, automated control systems, theoretical developmental biology, cellular automata theory, etcConducting research and development, often in significantly different areas, at such a multidisciplinary level for some of them new original approaches and solutions by us were developed and practically applied. It is worth focusing on the fact that to a large extent the real book is of a pronounced final nature, relating to the activity of Tallinn Research Group and the associated Baltic branch of the International Academy of Noosphere, whose activity has been rather seriously decreased due to a number of significant enough circumstances since  July 2022.

Useful links for free reading and downloading the above book:

21. Additional materials in English and Russian (

Some useful links: Books created by Tallinn Research Group in 1995–2019 UserLib6789 library downloading MathToolBox package downloading`s page on Amazon portal - Беларусь у Асобах i Падзеях: Аладзьеў В.З. (in Byelorussian)  –  Aladjev`s creative biography (Творческая биография  В. Аладьева)

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